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Peer Specialist

Minimum Qualifications

In order for County Personnel to determine a candidate's eligibility for a position the applicant must document in writing on the application how they meet the minimum qualifications related to the position.



Completion of a high school diploma or GED


SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS – must be met at time of appointment:

Publicly self-identify as a person who has direct personal experience living a life of recovery, overcoming the challenges resulting from a diagnosis of mental illness.

Current or former recipient of mental health or dual diagnosis services

Not currently hospitalized

Have sufficient knowledge of recovery, overcoming challenges resulting from a diagnosis of mental illness to assist others with recovery.

Certified Peer Specialist or willingness to work towards NYS Academy of Peer Services Credentialing upon hire that includes completion of required education, training and experience to be completed within the first year of hire.

Valid NYS Driver’s license or the ability to navigate the Transportation system in Tompkins County.


Tompkins County is Committed to Equity and Inclusion. We encourage those with similar values to apply.