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Nurse Practitioner in Psychiatry

Minimum Qualifications

In order for County Personnel to determine a candidate's eligibility for a position the applicant must document in writing on the application how they meet the minimum qualifications related to the position.


The applicant must possess a valid New York State License and current registration to practice as a Nurse Practitioner in Psychiatry at the time of application. The successful candidate will be required to maintain such license and registration for the duration of employment.

Note 1: A Nurse Practitioner in Psychiatry is defined as an individual who is currently certified as a Nurse Practitioner with an approved specialty area of psychiatry (NPP) by the New York State Education Department to practice as such.

Note 2: A driver’s license is not required; however the applicant must be able to demonstrate the ability to meet the occasional transportation requirements of the position to the satisfaction of the Commissioner of Mental Health.